Customer Profile

Sand-cast aluminum is what Arthur Court Designs avowed for. Roused by nature, the artisans craft this metal into themes that put in elegance to the dining involvement. Arthur Court’s devotion to timeless beauty, artistic integrity and firm quality. Now ruled by Creative Director Scott Haas, the company engages the world’s most esteemed designers.

Scott Haas is notorious in the homeware industry for some of the most unique designs, who never trades off quality. Heading the design division at Vagabond House, within few months Haas yielded the company to be identified some of the most outstanding and one-off tableware pieces in the history

The trendy Arthur Court objects diverge from unique tableware over giftware and barware to home décor and retailed worldwide. The spacious variety of collections bares the design team’s versatility. Arthur Court Designs is cost effective to roomy audiences.

All Arthur Court Designs’ products are handicraft. The factory is employee-convivial and got remunerated for outstanding work safety. The bulk of designs are crafted from pre-owned materials.

The company at present is carried by the Haas and Hardy families. The family duet convinced their strength and success with Vagabond House, a deluxe tabletop and home décor brand . Both companies are sited in Sierra Madre, CA under one top.

Market: Tableware, Flatware

Industry: Northern America

Challenge: Experience and Design, Third Party Integration, Database Synchronization, Magento B2BB2C

Solution Partner: DTN Software Solutions


To be sister of Vagabond House, Arthur Court portrays Magento B2B2C functions of Vagabond house to Arthur Court, in particular the dealer access. More than that, it insists upon indispensable functions of an ecommerce site, that already installed in Vagabond House such as  ajax search, promotional rules and campaigns, dealer access, advanced reports, tax zones and rates, RMA, light checkout, UI optimization, giftwrap, quick look, quick view, slider, etc.. At present, they are to combine with the new theme, conflicts have a duty to be shooted.

Furthermore, Arthur Court asks for customizing the default menu to fit the new menu enclosed Lookbook Professional extension, available links insertion to the disposed images in subcategories. Additionally, another Magento extension that is forcible in indexing Google on search and pagerank, the Google Shopping Feed extension was summoned to unite with the website. The intention of adding new extensions in parallel with Vagabond House is to rectify customer experience and SEO-friendly increasingly.

Conjointly, the most significant if not to say the best feature is the data synchronization. This aspect must come along the website and forms properly. As uncomplicatedly functioning on Vagabond House, it should be the same with Arthur Court.


Since Scott Haas is a returning customer, the DTN team pay attention on him distinctively. There were conflicts among some Magento third party extensions and the Arthur Court theme in the inital installation, solutions given out swfitly and all functions on the website are on the up and up currently. Products presented in a different way to Vagabond House bringing a new experience. We have to claim that Scott Haas has a good eye on choosing the unique design.

To be a Magento CE website but Arthur Court has a number of functions like a Magento EE. What can be named are RMA, Advanced Tax Zones and Rates, Order PDF Creation, Giftwrap, Google sitemap, Higher Ajax Search. In conjunction with handy e-commerce features like Ajax Cart, Homepage Slider, Twitter Feed, Price Slider, Light Checkout, Radius, Slideshow, Brands, Menu, DTN team mounted two requisite extensions Lookbook Professional and Google Shopping Feed. These modules intensifies the website exposure on Google as well as maximize shoppers know-how. The configuration of these extensions are not painless but the team made them work suitably.

Magesync, as already referred in Vagabond House success story is a data synchronization tool which used to import or export data between the website and the local host. Going in and out from Magento API to extract data, the app easily gets mistaken during the preliminary use. The team took an amount of time to fix data flows. Finally, the data synchronization takes on decorously, the website is alive now and it has got success instantly.


Tested attentively on almost popular browsers like Google Chrome, IE, Fireforx, Safari, Opera and environments for instance Linux, Window, Mac, the website behaves heartily. No two functions compromise with each other. Going live just two weeks ago, Arthur Court freaked out a bunch of customers. On average, 5-7 orders made per day, amongst up to 5 items for every order. DTN was astonished  by sales volume gotten on Arthur Court one week after it’s alive. The data can not be collected to create an outline now whereas visitors know the website markedly.