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The Kingdom of Cambodia Secured Transactions Filing Office is formulated under the Ministry of Commerce. The reason for filing and searching in the filing office is to certify that the business's security interest has precedence over other interests in a collateral. By filing a notice, a business set ups priority over others who may appeal an interest in the same property and who either do not file a notice or file after he does. The notice also proves a business priority against buyers of the collateral in most cases and in case the debtor goes into miscarriage proceedings.

If a client has complied to take a security interest in movable property of someone who has an obligation to him, the client may file a notice here to denounce others of the security interest. In order to check for prior security interests in collateral that is posed as security for an obligation, a client searches the filing office’s electronic archive through the website.

Market: Cambodia

Industry: Secured Transactions Filing

Challenge: File Notices, Change Notices, Search Notices and Manage Client Credits

Solution Partner: DTN Solution Software


Cambodia filing office serves for filing secured transactions on movable properties (collateral). It's compulsory to have an appropriate registry, which subsums such features as national ID, certified documents, loans, and certificates of party addresses. In the registration form, a lot of parties are upholded, not just one. 

Conjointly, there are distinctive types of secured interest and each has more or less features. It's charged for filing a notice. An entity pays for it in advance at ACLEDA bank branches . An amount of credit is deducted every time a client files or changes an existing notice or avails himself of certified search.

There are two types of filing search, public search and certified search. Public search lets off the hook that everyone can find a notice. Not all results can be found. It depends on secured levels of transactions. Normally, the public search identifies if the notice existed, other details are out of the sight or barely available on certified search.

Both the free and charged services endorse searchers to download the file(s) in word. Admins set eyes on changes in control panel. As companion, users are notified via their emails. Administrators rein in user actions log and export information into PDF, Word if wanted. Last but not least, the website found two languages: English and Khmer.   


DTN was honor to collaborate with Cambodia filing office to construct the website inside out. The team built a registry with customized functions for instance transaction file types, staff accounts. Authorized users activate, de-activate child users and view history. Each account is able to check spent amounts and remaining credits. Each registry account must be granted to file a notice, meaning that they have paid the service at local ACLEDA bank previously. The top up money function in the admin panel manages accounts and services accordingly. Email subscription is on standby to receive notifications on account balances.

In other respects, coders touch up the admin panel to be serviceable on all details such as notice management (notice number, pin number, customer name, registration date), customer management (customer balance, transactions, online customers, top up money, account type, group), public Search, certified Search, etc.

In terms of search, an administrator can view any activity for example notice ID, search time, search query, search type and customer name. The backend records every single transactions, customer account, and credit changes .

Not only customer logs but admin logs are also on deck. The administrator realizes who have been active in the admin panel. DTN customized the backend theme to suit Cambodia filing office’s neat necessity yet keeps key functions and orderings. The helpdesk is available to prop up customers, arranged by the dedicated DTN team. Furthermore, advanced reports sort out count type of filing by year, count type of filing by province, distribution of filing by securing party sizes, revenue by year, etc. Cambodia Secured Transactions Filing Office is going live next month, Cambodian clients are welcome to press into the filing service and go through the niftiness of website.