Customer Profile

Established in 1978, the Owners of Gasweld sought to fill a void of specialist gas and welding suppliers in the Newcastle and greater Hunter Region.

Today and known now as Gasweld Tool Centres, Gasweld is a leading and growing chain of specialist tool stores. With 20 Stores across four States and Territories throughout Australia, as well as a strong online presence, Gasweld is known for not only their powerful range of brands and quality products, but also knowledge and expertise, support and commitment to customers.

Gasweld is recognised as providing the hardware, building and DIY markets with aone stop shop’ for tool, machinery and industrial supply needs. They offer a fantastic range of cordless and power tools; nail guns; hand tools; construction site, cleaning and workshop equipment; hydraulics and air tools, etc. With over 30 year’s experience in the ‘tool industry,’ Gasweld success has been built on the superior product knowledge, service, support and the advice that they provide to customers due to years of experience and know-how.

Market: Australian regions

Industry: Specialist Tools and Machinery

Challenge:  Design and User Experience, Third Party Integration and Upgrade, ERP & Performance Optimization

Solution Partner: DTN & Infinity


Recognizing many issues of frontend and backend that hamper user experience, Gasweld asked DTN and Infinity to overhaul the current site. Gasweld has some requirements on the website construction. Design must be kept simple and straightforward. The theme needs responsive on Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, supported IE9 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Furthermore, Gasweld demands a comprehensive menu.  Both general and specific categories have to be available, as well as homepage promotional carousel. Featured tools, popular tools and famous brands drive for shop now action to enlarge customer habits on Gasweld. Remarkably, because of domestic sales, a shipping estimator is vital to inform potential customers about transporting fees. Likewise, add to compare, add to wishlist, social share options per product page are in need of. Gasweld has got to emphasize related products or accessories, the layouts are well ordered.

Gasweld calls for a search box at the centre of header, making it easy for customers to seek out tools. Search must be fast and accurate. An advanced filter is obliged on the category page with prices and brands. Like any supplier who owns a variety of stores scattered in the region, Gasweld illustrates their physical stores located thorough cities of Australia and let customers accredit their shipping service.

Apart from products, Gasweld puts up Gift Card. Gift cards are given to relatives or friends by Gasweld’s customers to purchase its products. Not only providing the solution, it’s mandatory to manage gift card accounts, notification and redemption in backend.  

Side by side, Gasweld inclines toward selling products on Ebay and  other biggest e commerce channels like Amazon and Further, newsletter sign up and newsletter templates are directed to suit the store and preference of Gasweld owner.


Well received requirements of Gasweld, DTN realizes how formidable it is to handle existent problems. DTN frontend and backend team blurt out their utmost to interlock issues.  At first, Magento Enterprise Edition, the latest version was installed and incorporated third party extensions flawlessly . Colors, fonts, blocks position, CMS pages, social icons, buttons, images were squarely allocated.  The frontend team activated the design to be compatible with the backend, taking account of Homepage with carousel, Magento blog, listing page, shipping estimator, category page with alternative views , layer navigation, meta CDN, etc.  Backend coders integrated or updated third party extensions for instance M2E Pro, bulk images,  i-banners, slideshow, zoom, ERP integration, blog, ajax cart, color swatches pro, gift cards, click and collect, GST, search autocomplete, etc. Moreover, DTN developers configured SSL Cert, SOLR search, RMA setup, Google analytics and ecommerce tracking, SE friendly URIs, snippets, promotions, blog, sitemap, reviews, labels, transactional emails, color swatches, out of stock notification, etc.

Beyond, the team did not fail to symphonize social and email marketing features such as sharing and social feeds setup for twitter, facebook, login with facebook, and newsletter design in Bronto. Shipping method was used with Temando, and financial supports appended Paypal and Eway. Due to rejuvenating the website, customers, orders and products data got to be migrated purely.

After all, owing to M2E Pro, DTN established Ebay store in tandem with giant ecommerce sites so that Gasweld put their products across.


Went live at the end of October 2015, Gasweld has orders everyday, varying between $100 and $1000, the best seller item was ordered 22 times per month. New accounts waxed every month, the first month after release, new accounts escalated 200% and 30% next month. It was startling. Here are some real stats

  • Estimated visits per month: 10.0k

  • Time on site: 00:04:15 (quite long)

  • Page views: 7.27

  • Bounce rate: 22.93% (low)

  • Top country: Australia counted 91.01%

  • Top keyword search (both organic and paid):  Gasweld