Customer Profile

Established in 1992, Living Sport was a supplier of gym and fitness equipments whose physical stores were in Copenhagen and later in Aarhus. Since Internet penetrated in 2006, Living Sport has catered retail industry in online shops. They've stocked up fitness equipments of famous brand names like Reebok, Adidas, Titan, Titan Box, Power Plate, Cybex, MDUSA, Pendlay, Sport mode, TECA, Tunturi and Eurosport .

Likewise, Living Sport accomplishes fitness solutions to companies, associations, colleges and gyms to minister professional training, rehabitation, yoga, pillates, etc,

Being now a part of MedicSport-Group, Living Sport hands over everything from treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, dumbbells, to kettlebells, exercise ball, benches and a wide range of reviewed technicians demo-training equipments with 2 years warranty.

The supplier has constantly worked on sales integration, logistics and service to beget consumers and dealers' satisfaction, applying a positive harmony to always stream at the frontend of the fitness industry.

Market: Europe

Industry: Health & Fitness

Challenge: Multisites & Multinational, User Experience and Design & Third party integration

Solution Partner: DTN Software Solutions


Flowing with the web technology as the physical fitness stores must be dismantled and replaced with ecommerce market. Living Sport feels an urge to open not only a retail store but also a B2B shop to accomodate equipments to both types of customers: individuals and retailers, at the optimum.

Drawing up a number of brand names' products , especially to be a member of MedicSport Group, Living Sport initially elevates online retail shops to distribute their exclusive fitness machines to two nations of Europe Denmark and Sweden. To be wealthy, an ecommerce retail shop drives for having all responsive featuress like leading-edge layouts, zoom, related products, upsell products, promotions, autocomplete search, reviews, shipment, payment, one step checkout and etc. More than that Living Sport possesses emarket certificates on their fitness retail shops, qualified customer service, adequate shipment and particularly reviewed 9/10 stars on Trustpilot, all the information should be underscored to enlighten consumers on Living Sport.

Above and beyond two B2C websites on two domains .dk and .se, Living Sport exhibits B2B commerces. The B2B shops will be oriented in 4 markets: Danmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland

Four B2B stores are to kick off product lines and specifications and give retail store owners blank check to acquire products' images, and details if they feel the pinch. However, to incline a B2B customer, it stands on the Living Sport to grant the permission to log in and buy products at privilegded prices .

B2B sites play a role of divulging information on what LIving Sport can disburse to fitness retail shops as a supplier. It requires a function of attaching documents, price list, stock list and retailers management. The all-embracing target of B2B sites is to engage in customers, products and services totally.


Growing trustworthiness in ecommerce marketplace, Magento was espoused to be the main platform to model the online shop Living Sport. Wit its empowered objectives on desktop and mobile devices, Magento is valuable for Living Sport to opt for putting retail shops and B2B businesses on. Being a partner of, the leading supplier of Magento startup projects, DTN has tied in Living Sport converting the Magento website both frontend and backend to suit the top of the heap with the fitness industry.

As much as proficient getting in with ecommerce Magento retail shops, DTN perceives closely what to do, where to start and how to proceed to take Living Sport along the most well timed fine print to hold out apple of customer's eyes. The DTN's frontend team has coded the guise of the website piercingly, highlighted the slides, banners, and other fields like recently viewed products, freight, shipping, reviews and more. Moreover, DTN intensifIes a feature to oblige videos and payment signs on product pages per requests of Living Sport. There is number of payment methods supported and available to instruct patrons. Trust Pilot, the predominant authorship that advocates the reliability of Living Sport to customers is also available in views. Social shares come at to every product page as well as the main page to join customers with the site's activities.

Furthermore, since Living Sport should give rise to two B2C sites and four B2B sites at the same kinds of layouts, the team has deployed to coding the frontend in accordance with clear-cut purposes of websites. In particular, the B2B websites are a bit different to go with more entangled functions to both non registered customers and logged in customers.

Going more delicated focus per website, the backend team has participated in the process of forming websites's independent functions. To B2C websites, it sounds easy to combine third party extensions that were passed by DTN team to be smooth with Magento new website development. These extensions conventionally number among Ajax cart pro, Abandoned carts recovery, autoresponder emails, Mass Product Actions, Track Order, SEO 404 Replacement, Product Attachment.

What is more, DTN writes exceptional codes at purposes like automatic newsletter sign-up (enable/ disable), product price list, stock list and documents attachment. Other than, DTN team verifies an ERP so called Microsoft Dynamics C5 and Laanlet BasisBank extension which are a closed conformity of the website to utterly happen on Magento pulling for product creation, payment methods integration and customer management. All functions have been interspersed into one Magento admin to get on both B2C and B2B sites lightly.


Over a year, the orders raised 200%, more than 50 orders placed montly and greater than 80 fitness items sold per month. Though orders have multiplied to some degree, sales items contained per order are sizable. After one year going live B2C and B2B sites, Living Sport collects a tons of good customer reviews on Trust Pilot, the largest world's reviews community. This is to say how fruitfully LivingSport has fulfilled consumers in Europe. And the payoff will prevail upon more as they throw in with DTN to prosper 4 supplementary B2B sites rolling out Danmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.