Customer Profile

Netpris is a German company, the headquarter found in Handewitt whose a warehouse is in Flensburg. Netpris sells brand-named products at the lowest price, primarily Nordic consumers, around 24 millions in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway. Various online shops include, and more to come.

Netpris envisions consumers to get better prices of well known brands, delivered in stores or via carrier services. The goal of Netpris is to save at least 30% per a family buget. A lot of typical families spend 5,000 - 10,000 kr per month, Netpris saves 1,500 - 3,000kr on same types of product offering an annual summer vacation.

Currently, there are 650+ groceries on Netpris online shops and expanding continually, appropriate to customers' inputs. Netpris encourages public transport on shopping to their consumers reducing CO2 emission in the North.

Market: Europe

Industry: Food and Beverages

Challenge: Third Party Integrations, Performance & Scalability, User Experience & Design

Magento Solution Partner: DTN Software Solutions


Many Websites Perfom The Same Types Of Products and Shipments But Slightly Different

Netpris would like display lowest prices on the online shop so that European citizens know its best competition in comparision with local markets. In addtion, as Netpris works with Shippi to provide products transporting, alive shipping fees should be available right in front of the customers' eyes viewing the site to let them know how much they have saved in shopping. Exposing these numbers on main spots like shopping cart and checkout page is greatly recommended.

Netpris is to provide groceries at the lowest prices over some countries in Europe like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, thus different products, languages, prices and attributes are revealed accordingly for each kind of shopper. As many website views lay in one website, it takes consideration into technological solutions to run the website speedily.

Tiny yet dazzling elements required on the web such as user friendly interface, smart shopping experience ought to be highly optimized offering as the most contented shopping habit as possible.

It doesn't matter where a customer is and doing, he has no trouble searching and buying products. A software development company that comprehends those challenges profoundly entailing Netpris' s creative ideas to realize them demanded.


Organizing Unshared Funtionality with Third Party Integration

Inquiring whom DTN is a partner with, DTN has offered Netpris a Magento retail shop solution. Magento is the #1 supplier to the world’s ecommerce jumbos. With $50 billion+ in gross transactions annually ---the explanation why businesses count on Magento.

Via good communication, getting the picture of Netpris, DTN at first implemented to code the appearance of Netpris on Magento Community Edition. With skillful developers, the interface was quickly formed mimicing the design, ensuring that the Netpris website runs flawlessly on popular browsers e.g. firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Mac, etc but also adapts well all smart types of mobile devices.

Fucntions on the web have been analyzed thoroughly to be carried out with priorities. In the first place, the highlighted feature of Netpris creating 5 websites varing countries on the only and one Because Magento Community Edition does not support this kind of aspect, DTN coding team has found a solution to clone websites and use store views of Magento to manage products, information, price, attributes masterfully. More to the point, it's mandatory to maintain pages loading, smooth functions and optimized SEO on a number of websites of the same domain. After a span of striving, the team was able to integrate 5 child websites with the main site impeccably.

Per Netpris's proviso, DTN has installed third party extensions that the customer wished for, such as Aheadworks advanced reports, Gomage checkout, Google ads, Facebook ads, BELVG Ajax Cart, Magestore affiliate, Zendesk, Amasty extensions, Magemonkey abandoned cart recovery etc, the team spent a lot of time to resolve conflicts, customized extension and also amend bugs to make them all work together like a family. The team extended special adequacies like infinite scroll, product pages' social media share like Facebook, Twitter, Email. Related products, up sell products, latest viewed products are all promotional patterns to foster customers to buy more items, presented views beautifully. Cultivating shopping experiences via an ajax drop down cart and available quantiy button after an add to cart action is required to be done well.

Among the most concerned features of Netpris, the price comparision between Netpris and local markets crucially notifies customers a saving amount to underline the benefits of customer shopping on Netpris. In other respects, the functions like order follow up, promotion text and other fees on checkout page -- bagfee, payment fee, packing fee, etc were done on request exclusively.

Last but not least, since Netpris works with Shippi, which is a transporting services company to deliver Netpris's items to local customers, DTN team was asked for making shipping methods available on site and automtically calculated freight fees to the cart values. No mistake has yet found on live site since the completion of task.


Marvelous Prosperity

More words can say, after going live, the site has achieved a considerable amount of new customers as well as new orders made per month. Successfuly new site launched, Netpris sticks to DTN for doing further businesses with.

  • 1st Month after launch: + 130% new accounts
  • 2nd Month after launch: + 220% new accounts
  • Best sellers: Ordered 5287 times
  • Orders: >1880 Items sold per month
  • In particular 11/2015: 3154 orders, + %110 new customers to Oct.