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The Body Shop International plc founded in UK in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick, a global manufacturer and retailer of natural cosmetics products. It now has more than 2,500 stores, ranging over 61 countries with available 1,200 products.

The Body Shop Malaysia Ramp Niaga Sdn Bhd, is the sole ranchisse of The Body Shop International in West Malaysia and Sabah. First shop was opened in Plaza Yow Chuan in 1984, rapidly emerging into a wide network of 74 stores, a greater number of which are located in foremost shopping centres in West Malay.

In only 2015, Rampai Niaga Sdn Bhd brings in 17 new stores under its annex in Sabah.

Market: Asia - Pacific

Industry: Cosmetics

Chanllenge: User Experience & Design, Third-Party Integrations, Typical Promotions, Newsletter Popup & Email Template, Email Stock, Ask Questions, Social Hub, Member Club.

Magento Solution Partner: DTN Software Solutions


Intergrating Business Promotions With Moral Production Brand & Social News

The Body Shop Malaysia has been working on their cosmetics trade since 1984. On the system date, it's in time to choose one of the latest and the most robust retail ecommerce platform to manage their websites congently and gradually updates it as time passes by. Magento is well known for that concept. And The Body Shop Malaysia clinches to go with Magento Community to update their new website of natural beauty symbol.

As a franchise of an international beauty manufacturer, the first idea of The Body Shop Malaysia is to copy the exact example of other branches' websites of The Body Shop International plc such as The Body Shop USA, UK, Australia, Denmark... To be familiar with, each branch of the Body Shop has a typical website form. They go without this feature to be done well.

Understanding pretty well how much shoppers love discounts and free gifts while they're shopping around on a shop. Different promotion rules are commanded, which needs an easy to handle solution in the Admin panel. Thus, they seek for a Magento partner who is professional in developing Magento extensions to help them achieve the target at no cost.

Besides, The Body Shop convenes the morality of production calling for the contribution of a greener life, their stories and blog posts become an inevitable display of the website. The fact tells the trust. On every post of The Body Shop, you can find a lot of information on how they participate in global protection activities, combined with their business.

Being not only a retailer but also a manufacturer,The Body Shop Malaysia does not only insist upon presenting immense offers to their shoppers but also letting people know how their products formed and where the ingredients orginated from. Some eyecatching slides showing such information on homepage is requested to shape the website.

Aparting from blog, social activities also ought to be available to tell the world about daily activity of the Body Shop Malaysia. This requires the website to update all their news from social channels like twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc into their social hub, where a customer can pass an eye over to read or write product questions

Like every online retail business, The Body Shop entails a website that's responsive fully and adapts promotional seasons well on such mobile devices . No surprise on the prerequisite!

After all, The Body Shop triggers an idea of loveyourbody club where they reward loyal shoppers with discounts, free gifts and access to the kinds of perks and privileges only club membership brings.


Flawless Third Party Integration, Interlaced Promotion Rules and Club Updates

To be a great hearted solution partner of The Body Malaysia, DTN hastily uncover solutions for such exclusive retail partner's requests. A lot of routines have been outlined. Along with third party extensions that are available at DTN, serving for promotional purposes of an ecommerce Magento site, DTN composed the Body Shop Malaysia to maximize the performances of website on Google index (SEO) and promotion campaigns. The team also wrote reliable source codes to apply for social hub, email stock, tax rates, club management, questions and answers .

Social hub is community face of The Body Shop Malaysia where concentrates all latest news on social media channels like videos, facebook posts, twits, testimonials, and a question form .

LYBD-LOGGERS allows admins to write articles and put feeds on homepage

Email stock plays a role of notifying visitors via emails when products are in stock.

Applying different tax rates on diffent countries/ states, the tax zone is helpful.

The website was built to work with skill on both desktop and mobile devices. Views are enjoyable and trouble free from functioning.

Looking into more details of the website to bump into common traits and may DTN help you further.

1. Catalog price rules: % Discount over a category. The admin just consists of such information as rule name, status, customer group, from-to dates into Magento backend.

2. Shopping Cart Price Rules

Buy X get Y with/out discounts
% Off on Purchases
% Off on normal price items
Auto add promo item

3. Tax zones & rates: To create a new tax rate depending on countries/ states.

4. Store locator

Filling a store address: city, postal code, latitude, longtidue, store view, enable/disable the function, is it simple?

4. Email stock

When a product is out of stock, the website asks vistors for entering an email address and whenever the product is in stock, the shopper will be announced instantly

6. Social Hub

  • Video managment

Add video: title, watch id, thumb image, description to display on the social hub page

  • Manage social items

Add social item: title, social type, status, thumb, link, content.

  • Ask and answer

add category: meta, url, source, store views
add/manage questions
add/manage answers

7. Love your body club

  • Manage members: name, email, d.o.b, mobile, passport no, etc.
  • Manage member type: add other types.

8. Newsletter: pop up and email template

Newsletter is major to hint buyers to gifts or promotions joining the shop. Newsletter With Promotion on The Body Shop opens as a pop up form and has an outstanding look.

  • Change background image
  • Update style
  • Enable newsletter popup for the first time visit
  • Update email template in cms/static block


Successful promotion campaigns over years. Sale volumes grow sizably. Visit time stays extended

Very fulfilled right after launch, the Body Shop Malaysia has gained a tremendous result. In the last 6 months, significant points are highlighted from a popular website traffic estimator

  • Visits per month: 35k
  • Time on site: 00:06:45
  • Bounce rate: 21.77%
  • Organic Searches: 78.53%
  • Traffic from Malaysia: 76.82%
  • Traffic from Search: 31.9%
  • Traffic from Referrals: 23.57%
  • Category Rank (Products and shopping): #823