Customer Profile

Vagabond house was founded in 1986, using antique silver tableware to transform it into jewelry and table accents. The company was purchased by the Hass and Hardy families in 2004, focuses exclusively on the tableware perspective. They maintain the high quality standard of materials and production after the purchase. Three generation of family has operated the business at the best quality to honor all retail partners worldwide.

Vagabond house consists of 150 artisans working in Thailand factory. Each tableware piece is hand crafted that finds their way home around the world. The family and their dedicated team of master carvers, craftsmen embody the utmost pride to grow Vagabond house in the global luxury tableware market as it is today. Visiting Sierra Madre in Los Angeles, Vagabond house will show you their wonderful tiny community called home.

Market: North America

Industry: Tableware, Giftware, Flatware

Challenge: Magento B2B2C, dealer access , multi prices, multi shipping rates, multiple payment methods, staff registries.

Solution Partner: DTN Software Solutions.


Robust Functionality to Serve B2B & B2C Customers

At the first sight, Vagabond House urges to shape an ecommerce site based on Magento thanks to awesome features. Getting a superior template is the first sensible attempt. A website with high performance scores on Google and complex functions are on the heads of Vagabond House’s owners later then. They have eyes for their website smoothly surfing on and a network of global dealers to bring their tableware and giftwares into the flashlight.

It becomes not only a chance but also a difficulty to equipe Vagabond house with a dealer path to meet the requests of those who are looking for selling Vagabond House’s items on their retail shops. How to deal with tax, shipping, price, payment method, orders, and multiple staff accounts is another question on discussion and a vital part is about synchronizing Magento databases.


Privileged Access for Stocking and Non-Stocking Dealers

Acquiring Vagabond House’s desires, DTN staff has conceived of dealers’ access forms and how Magento administrators control registers simply. DTN generated two registration types per wishes of Vagabond house: non-stocking dealers and stocking dealers. Each form is different on specific requirements. Dealers get comparative rules. For instance, non-stocking dealers can only check out if their order total is equal or greater than $500, and for stocking dealers $1000. They see dissimilar prices when they login the site and the cheapest prices are offered to stocking dealers. Separate stages, overdue days or payment methods have been set up in accordance with dealer type, administrators can upgrade dealers' accounts and let them do what they crave in limits.

Data synchronization is an imperative feature needed for any enterprise running different sites/ shops that shares same databases. Besides, the process suits a migration over pgrograms. And Vagbond house does not stand an exception. Since the company caters both classes of non stocking and stocking dealers, data synchronization is compelling.

To fit the request, DTN equipped a special Magesync file to synchronize products, customers information, stock prices, order/ invoices transplating data from local host to Magento website and vice versa . DTN team also rendered a self explanatory document for Magento admins to practice the data synchronization with no trouble. They can ask out or in any database that feels a need. Magesync assuares versatility beyond a wide range of Magento based ecommerce shops that call upon data syncronization just like Vagabond house.

Magesync main features

  • Product synchronization
  • Customer synchronization
  • Stock price synchronization
  • Orders/invoices synchronization

To optimize the website highly ranked in Google search, DTN team makes the functions to be perfect on mobile views, SEO friendly and neatly codes presented. The website operates high quality on popular devices, adopted the ability to upgrade without hassles.


B2C & B2B Flexibility and Stability Delivered

Since the launch, the entire Vagabond House team has pleased with their new Magento webshop. They offer whippy features contributing a much more worthwhile customer experience. The new site makes it easy for shoppers to find the most creative tableware that have released, especially the dealer access, knowing that they effortlessly turn into non stocking or stocking dealers with more tender benefits. The improvement has been paid off quickly; online retail sales increased 30%, adding up in the Christmas season of 2014.