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Maria Tash has been an artist and vendor of fine jewelry for beyond 21 years. Her concentration in jewelry design blossomed into a career after taking in London. She found out her gratitude for the art of body piercing and most outstandingly nostril and ear jewelry of Indian and Pakistani designs. Upon going back the states she made a decision to twist her passion into a business after comprehending how stiff it was to find a revered place that specified in fine body art. It was not before lengthy when Maria commenced her initial piercing and tattoo spa in New York City.

Encountered the provocation of creating pieces that were not only hypoallergenic and durable, but also enjoyable and beautiful, Maria started out to do just that. And to assure that her jewelry met the highest of her standards, she put on each design herself to examine its durability and luxury.

As the industry embarked on flourishing so did Maria's aspiration to magnify her collections. At the present comprising earrings, finger rings, necklaces and more, Maria exploits her principles and design practices to ensure that her customers seize nothing but the highest quality in fine jewelry.

Maria Tash is regarded as an authority in the arena of body piercing. She is a member and officer of the Armenian Jewelers Association and cleaves to the appointment of Secretary.  She has talked over the many facets of the industry in variety of television and print media channels containing:

MTV, The Today Show, ABC News, The View, Vogue, The Village Voice, Daily News

Market: North America

Industry: Body Art, Piercings

Challenge: Third party integration, Experience and Design, Amazon Cloud Service.

Solution Partner: DTN & Partner


Maria Tash is so pleased of her fine jewelry line that she would like to lead the online shop by the nose.  Venus By Maria Tash is the official website to delivers her lines of body piercings. The website must be intuitive from all aspects layouts and functions. Magento is among the best e commerce CMS platform, with higher version Magento EE. She chose that to maximize her shop capability to reach customers worldwide.

The home page should be highlighted with a slideshow to display her latest jewelry collections, apparels, tattoo services, or notices etc. Information are distributive and all functions come along. Besides what is available in Magento EE, Venus by Maria Tash asks for functional customs to suit the website’s theme and parameters of the shop for example instead of cloud zoom, Venus prefers to viewing full screen of a product. In addition, there is an additional How to video feature to view each item instructing people how to pierce.

Since sizes chart is crucial to apparel and body art industries, Venus demands a size guide on each item of the shop. Furthermore, related items knit into the views of a current product rather than lay down on another section.

Thanks to lifetime experience piercing celebrities, Maria calls for a Tash TV signifying her notorious meetings with famous people and a singular page to showcase well known magazines presented her jewelries (earring, navel, nostril, septum, necklace, bracelet, rings, etc) and piercings.

Venus By Maria Tash underlines the significance of Shop By Look where a client looks over available collections and buys any product on the view if she likes. Last but not least, the website extends gift cards in two kinds of e-gift cards and physical cards. Thus customers can give cards to their friends, families, relatives, etc and agreeably purchase Maria Tash’s fashion lines.


Getting to know Mariah Tash, the authority in body piercing industry, DTN was delicate to assist her to construct the website and every little thing ought to be unflawed. Receiving the project when it was installed on Magento EE, it was not very hard to handle with all stuffs.

The front end team and the backend team together heightened CSS, JS, Jquery, Javascript and coding the homepage slideshow module to flash images with thrilled effects. On the side, top menu was modified to explore items trimly.

Apart from available Magento EE e-commerce features, coders implemented specialities. To search items facilely, the ajax search extension with keywords suggestion and products matches fit in the website and performed properly. Because Venus by Maria Tash buttresses worldwide purchases, so shipping methods do.  Fedex and USPS shipments were called for incorporating the website and being easy to minister in admin panel. Thank goodness, Magento upbears these shipping methods expediently, in particular Magento Enterprise Edition.

Presstube ( and Press features) is irreplace on Venus by Maria Tash, featuring Maria Tash’s story, interviews, footages on TV shows. Celebrity clientele tells the world high quality and high profile of Venus by Maria tash. Clientele makes known to celebrities who have used Maria Tash jewelries, piercing, apparels, etc and available buy buttons for purchasing items while surfing on. Look a press room, Mariah Tash’s press features tailored trivial looks and contentment. This job took developers an amount of time to amend styles and gallery on the scene.

Gift card validity constrained in backend, deducting credit amounts in accordance with shopping times. Receivers informed on their gift card remnants via emails. When the card is expired, they shall be able to redeem it.  Additionally, to ensure that Venus by Maria Tash team manage products, human sources, stocks, orders, invoices and other sources productively, an ERP extension was integrated. Furthermore, they configured Amazon Cloud service to maintain swift loading speed. 

Venus by Maria Tash has got a number of good ratings over executing years, it shall be mistake not to bring reviews up the web. CitySearch and Yelp are two well known websites on customer reviews, Venus Tattoo Body Art and Venus Jewelry Piercing gain popularity there. 


Learning Venus by Mariah Tash’s performance over 6 months, we achieved some eminent numbers. Please take a look at facts below, the source is prominent.

  • Visits: 15k per month
  • Time on site: 00: 05: 04 (quite long)
  • Page views: 12.58 (12 pages on per visit)
  • Bounce rate: 24.90% (very low, amazing!)
  • # 1 Traffic Country - US: 70.92%
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  • Organic Search: 100%
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