After releasing Magento Movers and Magento Mentors, Magento just announced the eight Magento Masters selected as Makers. They are frequent contributors highly evaluated by Magento community and Magento, sharing ideas, insights, constructive feedbacks and to actively engage with others in the Community.

Here is the list of Makers

Antonio Carbon, Italy

Antonio Carboni is a frontend developer of 10 years. He found Magento at its existence. Antonio has been working with Italian translation for Italy community. He almost works exclusively with Magento platform. In 2013, Antonio obtained certification as Magento Frontend Developer. He joins with the ecommcerce development team and currently both being founder and frontend developer of Magento.

Antonio was selected as Magento Master through Italian translation efforts and consistent interaction on Magento Forum, to help answer questions and moderate community activity.

Miguel Balparda, Argentina.

Miguel is a community developer of He has got Magento Certified Solution Specialist. He worked around the world in the last four years as a senior developer, attaining some of the biggest Magento projects in more than 25 countries. Since enrolling Nexcess, Miguel helps maintain Turpentine, one of the most popular Varnish extensions for Magento. In his free time, he loves travelling, sysadmin, training and BBQ.

Miguel is selected as Magento Master 2016 because in 2015 he engaged with Magento centric events as speakers, consistently sharing knowledge and helped answer questions on Magento Stack Exchange.

Alexander Galtsow, Belarus

Alexander is Aheadworks employee by day and an independent extension developer network member by night. He holds a degree in International Law but dove into Magento ecommerce since 2012 and being a fan `til now.

Alexander was chosen as Magento Master 2016 based on his contributions through, and helped Magento shape marketplace as well as leading the way for extension companies to move in Magento 2.0

James Lee, United States

James Lee is the President of, a high performance Hosting provider for Magento. He has involved with Magento since 2008. He also volunteers as Moderator in Magento Forum. When he is not glued to a computer screen, he spends time jogging, hunting good food, catching latest movies in cinema and travelling around the world.

James was selected as Magento Master 2016 through his contributions in sharing knowledge , answering questions and moderating Magento forum.

Hirokazu Nishi, Japan

Hirokazu is at presence CTO of He has been Magento user community organizer for Japanese users since 2008. He knew Magento in September 2007, and has provided Magento service for Japanese marketplace since 2010. Magento changed his life.

Hirokazu was selected as Magento Master 2016, based on community efforts to organize Meet Magento Japan, Magento Japan User Group and Advent Calander Magento blogging project. He has also helped translate Magento platform into Japanese.

Kristof Ringleff, New Zealand.

Kristof is Founder of, a Magento Technology Partner and a trustful extension provider of agencies and merchants around the world. He has been coding with Magento since its first released and produced more than 15 extensions commercial and free to simplify administration, and to save money and time. Kristof is a Magento certified developer plus. He enjoys contributing to community discussion via Twitter and Magento Stack Exchange. He run the local Meet up in Auckland.
Kristof was selected as Magento Master 2016, based on his contributions in 2015 through Auckland Magento User Group, Magento Stack Exchange and encouraging extension dialogue via EXTDN (Extension Developers Network)

Mukesh Tiwari, India

Mukesh is a Senior Software Enginner at Brady Corporation in Bangalore India. He started his professional career as Magento developer in 2012. Currently, Mukesh is one of Magento moderators in Magento forums. He spends a few hours daily on Magento Stack Exchange to help others. Mukesh loves cooking beside technical pursuit

Mukesh is Magento Master 2016 based on his efforts on community by answering questions and sharing knowledges on a range of topics, helping others with security patches and rallying Magento community in India.

Kuba Zwolinski, Poland

Kuba is the father of three amazing kids and founder of Snowdog, a Magento dedicated company to work with Magento projects since 2008. He has been the organizer of four editions of Meet Magento Poland, an annual meet up of professionals and enthusiasts of Magento Commerce across the world to connect web community in reality. Kuba is passionate about building business relationships and open knowledge sharing. He is a translator and manager of Polish language pack for Magento 1 and 2. Kuba is also an entrepreneur from time to time.

Kuba was selected for Magento Master 2016, thanks to his 2015 contribution through organizing Meet Magento Poland, Polish translation efforts and sharing his innovations with the community via presentation in Magento centric events.