There are two sides of an internet coin. One side helps you and another side hurts you. It lets you learn everything, at every time and everywhere. On the other side, it runs rampant with scams that you can't do anything about it.

Have you received a call from someone to claim a Microsoft employee? They are very nice and all they want is help you. Asking you to download an app and once its done, your computer locks up. You're told to pay up to get your computer back, removing the mask from screen.

You may have encountered the same kind of thing from IRS. The caller wants to help you pay less taxes. And if you give them your personal information, they will wring your bank accounts dry.

Is this illegal or not? Yes, it certainly is. The bad guys doing these are not living in your place. They are sitting somewhere in a foreign country contacting you over Internet. They don't use regular networks or postal service. If you check caller ID on phone, it appears a name, number and city in your location. Many people don't realize this. When you use an internet phone line, you can program anything to pop up on the screen of the third party person.

And here is another issue: Internet advertising. Years ago, we saw small ads but fast forward today, internet advertising is gobbling up loads of our bandwith. You may be reading a news story when suddely the page splits to play a video or an audio clip. Or small moving screens scattered over the web-page.

You assume these ads are free but they are not. You get charged for badwith overages on your internet plan. Yes, you are paying for unwanted ads. Everymonth, we all seem billed for overages.

The problem appears to get worse. Its so bad that ad-blocking software becomes popular. Ad-blocking software is effective to protect our computer screens from annoying ads. But some websites tell us we are using ad blocker, they ask us to turn it off or block their information from seeing.

It maybe time for stakeholders to sit down and find new solutions to these internet problems. If we invented internet, we could invent a solution to rein in its dark side of power. We will either figure out how to do that or get sucked in the Internet black hole, that doesn't sound appealing to everyone.