Over one year of renewing Magento forum, people have used the system to ask and help each other. Today it reached 100.000 accounts, what an amaze! Over 1.500 kudos sent for lending hands and 1.000 solutions ranging from installation to customization attained. The most underscored strength of Magento community is always learning and collobrating together. To get more familiar with the moderation staff, below are names of volunteers who noticably improve the forums experience:

  • Antonio Carboni: Magento FE developer
  • Kent Chistiansen: Ecommerce Manager
  • Rich Cleverly: Magento Architect and Consultant
  • James Lee: Hosting President
  • Stuart Macfarlane: Technical Support Manager
  • Brent Peterson: Magento Evangelist
  • Daniel Sousa: Developer
  • Mukesh Tiwari: Senior Software Engineer
  • Kuba Zwoinski: CEO Snowdog

We are likely to help others and give back community. There are stories among the volunteering team to help new members with excitement. Whether you are looking for a solution or you have had a benefit that is helpful, come and share them on Magento forum.