The idea of chopping population into generations assumes that everyone born during a period shares certain traits. William Straus and Neil Howe define millennials nearly 46 percent of business to business end user buyers, who were born between 1982 and 2004.

Many of the old millenials took great responsibilities of roles, yet they are characterized as distraction from mobile devices. Stepping back, the millenials are in fact the first digital natives with the most intimate connection to technology.

Traits attributed to the millennials - distracted, oriented instant answers, short on time are not chronological to group but rather evolving in modern customers. Group them by expectations called Generation Customer.

Clearly in this business-to-consumer space, the same factors are changing B2B expectations. Megatrends transform B2B buyers: analytics, hyperconnectivity, automation, software intelligence translated into demands.

First, customers demand to get information they want and want it fast. Away from rapid support response, buyers search for self service options during decision process before getting involved with a conversation.

Second, they demand a business to know their ideas from their first interaction. In the decade of social media gathering customer data, they will not tolerate being treated as strangers

Engagement of time is important too. Customers don't have to hunt down contacts when they want to place an order. Buyers want sellers to be available like they are, meaning all the time and a host of channels. They are likely to use two or three channels in the course of an interaction.

Time is of essence, know that customers want to finish their purchase immediately if not sooner. Spending time to wait for processing due to problems on seller's side is awful, it'd better to navigate something else.

Those major changes turn up the game of sales. Sales management provides reps with tools to access information and content required by customer speed

You have to sell with customers, adding value to get deals closed. What doesn't help customer expectation must be eliminated and move to the end of transaction

Understanding the realignment that's beneficial to customers, salesperson and business is important to Generation Customer. Meeting those expectations is vital, because the group goes bigger with time.