Magento 2 carries along sweeping yet exciting changes apace with with Magento 1. In this piece of writing, we’ll endeavor to break down of some new prominent traits in Magento 2, and what it does more completely than Magento 1. If you are begetting your way up to Magento 2 soon, you might get hold of some clearance after learning this post. 

Now we go:

Magento 2

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1. The regime of modern technologies

Magento 2.0 turns to account the most recent and accepted versions of PHP, chiefly 5.4 and 5.5, HTML5, CSS 3.3 and the cutting-edge versions of JQuery.

The key disaccords between Magento 1 and 2

Magento 1 Magento 2
Sass/Compass HTML5
Prototype javascript library in core CSS3
Additional javascript libraries MySQL 5.6
Jquery in rwd package CSS Pre-pocessor
  Apache 2.2
  PHP 5.5x with PHP 5.4.11
  PSR Compliance
  Full page caching
  Magento performance toolkit

2. Different file arrangement

In view of a Magento 1 developer, some will suffer a bit lost in the beginning when it lands the new Magento 2, as a good number of your effective files have been seriously rebuilt. Everything is now changed under “app” file, excluding config.xml where you sign up your particular module.

Templates, layouts and js, css files for both frontend and backend are at present placed aptly beneath “view” file per module. Addionally, there is merely only one code pond, for all core and custom components.

These alteration are no doubt a big support for developers to calmly keep code, without modifying core functionality

3. Object administrator, enslavement injection and new command line channel

The heart team of Magento has been paying a lot of time cracking to streamline and clear the idea of ecommerce development which is departed from Magento 1. The customary class rewrite system is now discharged with the new object-manager system/dependency injection, turning up with more design patterns

In addition, Magento 2 is consignedwith a new CLI pertaining some helpful commands. You can also adjoin new style commands to run sample code, detect output, update established modules, clear cache,….

3. Another defaulting theme and admin GUI

Magento 2 disposes new default theme, labelled “Luma”, which is a clean, noticeble theme that has some extensive changes against Magento 1’s Madison Island theme, counting tiles constitution, absolutely responsive images and typography, and better presentation.

5. Simplified checkout procedure

Appoximately 80% of Magento eCommerce sites have improved their checkout activity to streamline the better process. With the Magento 2.0, guest checkout is anticipated, and if you’re an standing customer, you can still log out without requiring to remember your password

6. Heightened performance and scalability

Its harmless to say Magento 2 is now speeded up, more secure and simpler to use than Magento 1. Indexers appends new efficient flashes to get query performance better, Magento performance toolkit to confirm and optimized system performance, lowering server load and accelerate page deadweight.

Full page caching, which was only existing in Enterprise Edition, is now erected into the Community Edition of Magento. The feature drops disk read and network round-trips to initate the fastest shopping experience likely. 

7. Dirtless & up-to-date code ground

Magento 2.0 is anew commencement. Merchants who are going with Magento 2.0 should be aware of that throwback extensions or deficient code will be eliminated. There’s no straightforward way to take off non-optimized programs in place for Magento 2.0.

8. Flexible databases separation

Magento 2.0 Enterprise lets you divide your databases. You shall enjoy one mySQL database that is accountable for distributing all of content, product and category pages. You can size this up with caching, and give thousands of people leave to strike pages. For giant sites that sorts out over 5,000+ orders a day, this will mold a difference.

9. Built-in key features in Magento EE

All of the crucial functionaliy of Magento Enterprise takes in RMA, Admin logging, Gift registry, Advanced Customer Segment, Personalization, better PCI Compliance, Gift points and more. If you spoil for the features, Magento Enterprise cut in on dismissing references to third party extensions.

With all the lately features and built in technologies, it is predictable that Magento 2 will be a lot more faultless for both developers and designers to distribute the best ecommerce involvement for customers.