Twitter is live and public communication platform. Millions of customer service interactions happen here, accounting 80 percent of requests. The best place for businesses and customers connects and decreases resolution cost equivalent of 1/6 call center. This leads to brand loyality and sales. A research shows that a customer tweets a complaint or a question, they are willing to pay additionally $9 on the next purchase. Twitter announces two new tools: Direct Message and Customer Feedback.

Its simple to trigger a direct message

Customer service conversations start in public then transit to private channel when personal information required. Direct message makes that just easy with a single click. A business can add a deep link to their tweets, which allows customer to send a private message. Two brand names Kaiser Permanente and Hyatt are using the feature to have better customer experience.

Elizabeth Closmore, Global Head of Sprinklr spoke ideas. Care becomes new in marketing. Twitter proves the amaze of building an ultimate relationship for brand and customer. And one of the best way helps customers provided when they need the most. Twitter's new services testify that brands need to quickly and efficiently engage customers on their chosen channel and at scale.

Customer feedback survey

Customer feedback enables people to share their opinions to public after a private interaction. Customer care teams love open ended feedback along with service experience measurability. Customer feedback includes two standard formats: Net Promoter Score SM (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). These services make it easy for customers to give feedback and surveyed in a structured way to improve businesses service experience.

Twitter is now a bigger service channel than email for many leading companies. They have responded to build major social care operations. As a Twitter official partner, Conversocial is excited to help bring measurements to user experience and more great deliver service. Quoted by Joshua March, Founder & CEO, Conversocial

Stated by Greg Cannon, VP of Digital, Ceasars Entertainment, Twitter is the go-to network. Ceasars are excited to embrace two features to facilitate customer satisfaction on social.

From today, all businesses can start embedding Direct Message deep links to their accounts. Twitter official partners Conversocial, Hootsuite, Lithium, Salesforce, Spredfast, Sprinklr, and Sprout Social are working to make these tools available in their customer service workflows. Delighted specialists closely make NPS surveys collected on Twitter viewable for businesses alongside feedback from other channels.

Visit Help Center to implement Direct Message deep links. Customer feedbacks will begin to select brands in few weeks.