Earlier 2016 preparation pulls traffic and subsequent data gathered over Quarter 4 last year that allows you to beget happy customers back in storage.

Since personalization has been hot for a couple of years, 2016 will see it move from an optional extra to stimulate successful businesses. To help you blast off into 2016, here are seven collective suggestions

1. Amass email address for retargeting customers

Getting new traffic to your store by pop-ups while seizing contact details afterward. Compelling examples of this include

  • Pop-ups offer new vistors discount through subscribing your newsletter 
  • Popups set off by farewell of unknown users, sending them offers to emails with items customers left in the cart.

Both the options provide excellent service, incentivize shoppers to make purchases and you capture data to retarget them with recommendations.

2. Follow up on December Orders

You have had email addresses, now what? At first and foremost you send automated order follow up emails steering customers with relevant items to those they purchased in December. A great follow up email includes a list of hottest items to show off new spring selection.

3. "We miss you" emails

Reaching out to your customers with an automated "We miss you" email when the customer has not stopped at your store for a while. Settle the email with relevant product recommendations, an indicator that you have learned your customer's likes and dislikes.

4. Enable personalization facebook ads

Take advantage of seasonal social media buzz and automatically tailored offers to your customers' newsfeeds. Target customers who visted your store previously by recommending them products just for them or by suggesting items highly relevant to items they have bought.

5. Display stimulus on your homepage

As you know, not all gifts hit home and you might get few returns or exchanges. No burden, there is an upside. Customers will go back. Make sure they are immediately greeted with hottest new items in your selection. To increase conversion, add a toplist of personalized recommendations on front page.

6. Give out coupons

By the time January rolls around, shoppers are more likely to be discount lead than normal. Delight hunters with discount coupons for use in January to complete purchases made in December. It's a simple and small suprise but effective to bring them back.

7. Reward your best customers

Thank your best customers of the year past by sending them some gifts. This can be a physical gift or a time-limited discount or other exclusive incentives. If you have resources, write them a personalization handwritten to thank them. They will get more or less, return to your store and you will acheive more happy customers to kick off your 2016