The past few years have been exciting regarding of design. Several trends prove themselves popular to stick around in 2016. More considerable are new trends marketers and designers want to stay on top with and keep an eye on this year, lets find whats shaping next hit.

Design principles are timeless. More companies begin to evaluate design as a competitve advantage. A cohesive design moves beyond web and print, expanding to mobile and other responsive platforms. The best design trends of previous years will continue in accompany with more innovative ideas this year.


1. Flat design

Flat design has been existent for years and now evolving towards ideal form. The evolvement will go with devices and screen sizes innovation. It may look different but the core reason of the trend persists.

2. Videos background

The quality of a video elevates website perceiving. As more and more designers learn how to use video while keeping contents from distraction, we expect back video to play continued role.

3. Mobile apps

Mobile apps are growing forever, expanding to other platforms such as apple watch and smart tv devices. Designers are are adapting this factor in their designs. Along with, social sites for instance facebook, youtube, social messaging, twitter integrated with apps to follow.

4. Responsive design

The life of a designer becomes busier as multiple devices arise. Responsive design is the answer, spreading over webistes and more complicated to redesigned websites.


1. Exact Typography

The availability of typefaces is expanding and it makes designers harder to improve all aspects of their designs. We'll see typography adhering and typographical principles become more important.

2. Improved Minimalism

Hand in hand with responsive design, flat design tends to minimalism. As the web becomes more complicated, minimalism is dominant. See data stripping back to essentials under influence of user experience and conversion rate experts.

3. Storytelling

Content delgue gets blinded. As old as humankind, engaging emotional stories utilizes great design and format in 2016 and beyond.

4. Card based

Card based designs look attractive. Pinterest and Microsoft are pioneers but many designers find it appealing. Cards sum up lots of information to users and good replacements of sliders.