Magento EE and CE 2.0.1 are available with security and fuction updates included PHP 7.0.2. With PHP7, merchants radically avail from improvements, cut-rate memory on and intake and new language features.

There are also several means to help Magento 2.0 coding patterns, step up new site implementation and migration.

Magento code migration toolkit

This toolkit hands easy scripts over the migration process of Magento 1.x code, layout and configuration to Magento 2. Most time consuming tasks are automated for you to focus on refactoring processes. The toolkit can be customized to adapt specific projects and follow Magento 2.0 best practices.

Code samples

A source of code samples demonstrate new technologies, interpsosing and service contract usage. These examples assist you to carry ow new coding patterns and technologies speedily.

Mobile application sample

The new sample Magento mobile application designed to rally you around creating an apple IOS 8+ app using Magento 2.0 APIs. Apart from Magento features, you can take advantage of native mobile capabilities, available in MY ACCOUNT under Magento EE 2 download area.