In 2016, retailers take key learnings and strategies on how to create best experience for customers. Everything points to correspondence, convenience and service all known a good retailer's bones.

Retailers take up three key areas

  • Being seeable on equitable channels

Using appropriate digital tools make an online channel over instore, as the first choice for customers.

  • Streamline customer crossing

Making user quest simple from navigating to completing, instore to mobile and desktop experience

  • Warrant an efficient return merchandise authorization in order to protect brand renown and social share expansion. 

There will always be products that customers want to take a look at and interact with before committing a purchase. The capabilities of online home good markets are fairly lower than physical places. Along with, technology will play a considerable part to bridge the on and offline worlds.

We expect following prominences in next year

  • Beacons

Beacons are serviceable to track customer's voyage, detect pain points to sales or alert retailers when customers arrive. Beacons moreover provide major insights of consumer behavior. They are handly if retailers cannot display their full range of products. Placing beacons on products, customers bring up the whole information and variations to enhance their shopping experience.

  • Clienteling purposes

Through informing retailers consumer purchases history and potentiality for cross and up sales, or when a purchase is taken place, the staff can provide one-on-one experience to returning customers

  • Click and collect

Enhancing pick ups via layout of stores; when a customer picks up goods and seek out appealing items so well retailers up sell their products.

2016 poses the evolution of technologies providing optimum customer experience. Retailers should focus on consumer needs and desires to apply matched behavior, making the shopping more personalized, efficient and synchronized.