It’s always fruitful and valuable for web development, to both merchants and developers. While merchants excel in their business, they might feel dark when it comes to understand what their development partners do daily.

What are regular tasks of a developer? A list is following

  • Setting up development environment and workflow (testing, staging, etc)
  • Evaluating extensions to integrate
  • Creating bespoke customizations including modification and extensive features
  • Bringing interface ideas to life and helping test features
  • Configuring the system in response to business rules and convenience

Those are some activities of developers engaging in a day. Good developers understand variability and how to adapt transitions to their merchants transparently. They put questions to the merchants to clarify system complexities and address any holes in the requirements. Because they align the expectations of the business, questions save time and money of development process.

A simple look at development process

At first, a developer runs through the responsibilities, ruling out whether or not the native platform provides requested functionality. Next the developer asks if there is a third party extension which might satisfy a part of the stated requirement.

Regardless of any implementation type to be as native, third party or bespoke, there will be additional efforts on the back side of actual development. Happening to be updates to automated units, integration test, acceptance architecture, application and analytics based performance monitoring. There may also be additional developer effort to adjust the customization to clients’ administration. And, this is all for what sounds as a simple request

Signs you’re working with a great developer

Certainly developers should have strong knowledge base of native platform’s features and functionality. Ultimately there is not better developer or agency that satisfies each of the following

  • Clarify requirements and point out current platform functionality.
  • Deliver functionality on time and on budget, including adjustment
  • Execute the delivery and implementation with minimal bugs and business impact.