Google adwords expert Perry Marshall explains why the landing page is key to conversions and introduces a successful framework behind Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing. When you are paying per click on google ads, that's going to make or break your marketing campaign. You're pretty sure the landing page leads quality visitors for your business.

Any PPC leader can find a keyword and set up a bunch of ads but they don't pay attention on the most important piece --- landing page. Creating an effective landing page, you will get twice as much as the same spend.

Your goal on the landing page is to keep visitors focused on your best benefits and how to contact you. You don't need to give too much or too short information on there. Too short risks an unhappy Google and deficient information so that people make decisions. Too long contains too much information of answered questions and people don't have to call you anymore!

So here is the prospect: hit your landing page with the best information people must contact you for, which means headline, subhealine and body. The goal of your landing page is not to generate sales, let your staff handle that when they get a prospect on phone or in your office. That is the concept of a landing page, no more or less.