Magento Masters Program recoginizes top contributors in Magento community. Movers were announced with three names Matthew Beane, James Cowie, and Joshua Warren. On 29/2, Magento continued revealing nine Magento Mentors in the program.

These are best class contributors in Magento Community, actively educating people and providing resources. Also, they have proven skills in Magento implementations.

Here are the Magento Mentor's names

David Alger, USA

David Alger is Director of Technology at He has consulted in space of commerce and actively engaged in Magento since 2009. David is an active member of the development team, involved in the first class of Magento developer certification. He was a key person in the formation of Magento 1 responsive theme. David enjoys exploring new technology, new programming language, experiencing outdoors and family time.

David was selected as a Magento Master based on his 2015 contributions in Github, DevDocs and various speaking at PHP industry events. Besides that, he introduced others to Magento 2.0, processing Magento Github Community through comments, suggestions and issues reported

Fabrizio Brance, USA

Fabrizio Brance is the Lead System developer at He and the family are living in San Francisco, California. On his blog:, Fabrizo writes about Magento, Open source, Varnish, AWS and Selenim. He focuses on innovative technologies, high performance application and solid development.

He was selected as Magento Mentor based on his 2015 efforts on screencast tutorials, organized community hackathons to innovate Magento platform and speaking around centered events on building and deploying applications.

Phillip Jackson, USA

Philip has been developing ecommerce solutions for over 15 years. Philip is now Magento Practice Lead at He created unique customer experiences and managed Magento installations for some of the most recognized brands on earth.

Philip is a Magento Master for 2016 thanks to his 2015 contributions. To be as co-host the community podcast MageTalk, and a frequent speaker at different events of Magento platform, organizing the South Florida Magento Developer Meet up and moderating community posts on Magento Stack Exchange.

Vinai Kopp, Germany

Vinai is a web developer for most of his life and specialized in Magento in 2008. He is an official trainer for Magento U. He loves learning and Magento Community, getting both well togethher. He passions are about software craftsmanship and high quality solutions. Vinai enjoys beekeeping, running, travelling and all above his family when not working or studying new tech.

Vinai is a Magento Master for 2016 thanks to his 2015 contributions over Github, DevDocs, efforts with MageU conference and consistently helps others in Stack Exchange Community. Much of the community would consider him a mentor before the program.

Sander Mangel, Netherlands

Sander is Magento Lead at, enthusiastic at coffee and ecommerce. Passionate about getting involved and helping people. For him collaboration is the true innovation, that goes with everything in life. Sander was selected as Magento Mentor for Magento Masters 2016 because of his contributions in 2015 for organizing Magento User Group Rotterdam, MageStackDay, translating Magento platform into Dutch, and fulfill others in Magento Stack Exchange Community.

David Manner, Germany

Being CTO at now. David is passionate on Magento and Ecommerce solutions. He has worked in the field for eight years, cheering developer welfare and welcomes challenges. Through MageEngage channel on youtube, he finds out people via twitter handles.

Thanks to his contributions in 2015 through MageEngage, education on Mistake Driven Development, MageStackay organizing, speaking engagements and consistently help others on Magento Stack Exchange.

Brent Peterson, United States

Brent is the Chief Magento Envagelist and Coach for He loves to run, bike and ski following the order. He's often found at Magento events running meet ups with his wife Susan.

Brent selected as Magento Master based on his engagements in various Magento topics in 2015: project management, kicking off Magento stores and running events everywhere he goes. Besides, moderating Magento Forum, to answer questions or just moderate the community.

Marius Strajeru, Romania

Being now Senior PHP Developer at Marius has been a PHP developer more than ten years. He has worked with Magento since version 1.0 to be released in 2008 and addicted ever since. Mostly Marius likes to work on tools for helping others and mainly himself. He loves Magento Stack Exchange where people ask or answer questions. He believes its a great place to share knowledge. Since 2014, he has become moderator in Magento Stack Exchange and helped others keep website clean.

Marius to be Magento Master 2016 thanks to his 2015 contributions, to educate people on Magento 2.0, organizing Magento Stack Day and helped others.

Anna Volkl, Austria

Anna is Senior Magento Developer on She has been professional at softwares engineering since 2006 and started with Magento in 2011. She is passionate about securing IT systems and has been implementing mechanisms to enhance website watchout. She is interactive on Twitter and a member of Magento developer community, actively shares her knowledge and experience. Anna was selected as Magento Mentor based on her contributions in 2015, for Magento 2.0 security, organizing Magento Stammtisch Wien, Magento Stack Day, educating community about security through speaking engagements and consistently help others on Stack Exchange.