Magento is well known for amplified openness and flexibility. Magento 2.0 has taken placed on a robust design to scale the breakneck pace of ecommerce market. It incorporates best scalability to mordernize development technologies and practices such as test automation and removed extensions conflict. The platform accelerates innovation goal and completes developer powers. It is full of confidence and predictability in implementation, according to Magento Chief Architect Alan Kent.

Magento 2 is architected for changes

  • Based on innovative PHP framework and patterns
  • Layered products support visual presentation of business logic. The assortment simplifies appearance customization and behavior. As well, a high level of model understanding of features in a complex system goes helpful to programmers.
  • Modular codebase offers fine grain customization to replace any functionality 
  • Customizable theming quickly creates variation of seasonal campaigns and marketing
  • Extensive APIs to operate third party solution such as ERP, PIM, OMS, CRM, CMS, etc
  • Automated testing to speed up QA process
  • Easier upgrades become available with Magento's quaterly development period