Magento generation 2.0 enhances performance, scalability, new features to boost conversion rates and productivity improvements. It engages omnichannel shopping experience to deliver businesses and retailers cost effective solution across B2B and B2C industries. Inherited open source platform offers innovative flexibility to global ecosystems of developers. Magento EE 2.0 and Magento CE 2.0 are new Magento era of ecommerce.

Open structure

The next generation architecture offers dissimilar flexibility in new releases that bring your vision to life. It highlights a modular code enabling easy customization, faster market time, and more flexible deployment to cloud environments. More APIs solutions operate at third party extension scale and theming capability to variate website product lines and geographies than ever. There is a wide range of turnkey extensions to enable quick enhancements to your store. 

Better shopping experiences

To create a seamless and personalized customer experience is a central point to Magento 2.0. New reponsive default theme supports you anytime and anywhere sales. You can share products via integrated video. The checkout becomes easier with minized steps to improve conversion rate. One click account creation saves customer profile for next purchases.

Improved business agility

Magento 2.0 also revolutionizes merchants experience to operate more efficiently without scaling up team. The new admin panel brings streamlined inferface to save time on daily tasks and is intuitive for new members to study. The design is also mobile friendly for you to track sales or updates on the go.

Empowered business tools help you customize views on critical business information. Setting up products is faster with step by step creation and import capability 4x greater than before.

Enterprise liked scalability

Magento platform has been 50% faster across many catalog and checkout pages. It pre-contains Varnish to cache pages, optimize code and faster loading images. Magento admin is also delighted with concurrent updates. Magento EE 2.0 delivers standalone master databases along with multiple slave databases.

Warranted payments

Magento 2.0 comes with out of box payment method integration such as Paypal, Braintree and Magento EE 2.0 also supports WorldPay and CyberSource. All gateways are secured and pursue the basic level of PCI (payment card industry) compliance dependent on methods.

Maintenance and upgrade

Finally, this morden architecture saves investment on simple upgrades. The platform reduces complexity of maintaining your site. You can integrate functionality on quarterly basis released by Magento Commerce to enhance sales and efficiency.