Magento a notorious provider of open omni channel source just releases Commerce Order Management (COM) to help retailers ontrol orders more effectively.

As said by Peter Sheldon, head of strategy at Magento Commerce, with the release Magento puts a firm stake in the ground as an omnichannel contender with comprehensive capabilities. The offer is true to Magento values proposition of fast time to market and extensibility to build upon global ecosystem.

Commerce order management enables global merchants and brands to fulfill orders and deliveries best in class. The solution hits the core of retail industry, connecting demand and supply entities to facilitate choices and to be profitable for personal orders.

The new platform helps retailers manage order processes and fulfillment across channels and geographies for instance stores, drop shippers, warehouses and third party logistics companies. COM consists of distributed order management, inventory management, and store fulfillments. It gives customers a seamless experience across any channel to drive revenue and customer satisfaction on retailers.

The solutions minimizes the burdens associated with multi nationational expansion. According to Magento, COM combined with Magento digital platform effectively turn on multiple brands and storefronts across geographies. All Magento regional sites can be preintegrated to a single cloud commerce order management system, providing one global system to proceed orders, insert payment gateways, tackle fraud and connect with desired locations over the world.