Over the last year, Magento community had huge success on pulling 2,500 requests for Magento 2 on Github, presenting over 500 talks on Magento, producing greater than 100 episodes centered Magento and more. Magento is truly an active community thanks to its users.

At MagentoLive France, Mark Lavelle announced the formal program Magento Masters to recognize its top individual contributors. The announcement is the culmination of over six months researching and developing an initiative to elevate most active members empowering them to help others to learn more about Magento platform and together succeed in the ecosystem.

There are three types of Magento Masters

Makers: Makers are frequent contributors, they actively engage in Magento Community sharing ideas, insights and feedback

Mentors: Mentors are highly active people educating others and developing resources for them. They have proven expertise and succeed in building Magento implementation.

Movers: Movers are top leaders who drive innovation through Magento solutions. They deliver best class Magento implementation and advocate for Magento at the industry events.

Rewards and Benefits

Apart from a formal recognition at annual  Magento Imagine conferences, benefits include

  • Invitations to Magento events
  • Involvement in community opportunities
  • Discounts on events and certifications
  • Quarterly Magento Masters calls with team
  • Recognized at Magento branded events

How to be chosen?

Magento Masters are selected through a rigorous process taking into account Magento U certification and across communities Magento forums, Magento Stack Exchange, Magento codebase, events, translations. A Magento Master is any individual who actively involves in Magento ecosystem, a steward of the brand consistently adds value to the community and helps improve the environment. Magento Masters are annually conducted and formally recognized at Magento's Imagine Conference. Prepare yourself for Magento Masters 2017 from involving in Magento Forum today!