As B2B customers become more comfortable with ecommerce, they fundamentally think how to engage clients and support their needs. We spent too much time focusing on B2B differences that we lose sights of universal commonalities. Below are five regulations B2B business should follow to thrive in consumer world.

#1 Human comes first.

Unlike B2C, B2B companies historically view their customers as whole sale retailer yet persons. Being uniform doesn't mean to shed consumer expectations. Your goal should meet unique client experience based on their order history, negotiated pricing, shipping, and workflow. As much important as B2C, personalization can automatically be adjusted on demand. This saves a significant time to empower self service, eliminiating calls in questiions and issues.

#2 Keep calm and make it easy.

B2B customers are busy and their time is precious. It is critial that you provide them a fast and efficient purchase experience. For example, robust search, expedited logins to streamline paths, price and inventory transparency. A featured instance is the leading bookseller BookPal who automatically offers bulk discount when customers change quanity to their budgets.

#3 Be available to your customers wherever

Nontheless mobile device is issued or not, its all time penetrative. Embrace it to allow buyers to shop how, when and where they want. On their job site sor personal locales, your ecommerce site should offer them purchasing flexibility.

Zoetis the veterinary health company is an excellent example. They built a mobile application "iOrder" to enable sales representatives to retrieve order history, show new products, compare items in current promotions, and place orders on behalf of the primary client.

More to the point, Zoetis clients have access to their own mobile app called VHub, giving them instant access to medical information and material resources when they're on the go.

#4. Empower customers with knowledge

B2B customers are insatiable to contents. From specification, know-how to FAQs, they want to self educate before deciding upon purchases. Therefore to develop deep catalog and content helps customers make faster choices. As one of Europe's building maintenance and flooring products supplier, Watco operates multiple websites in many languages. Besides, they allow each country's marketing team and web administrators to update contents, images and promotions relevant to specific customer bases. Consequently, Watco's orders and unique visits have increased 68 percent year by year.

#5 Extend sales team value

Ecommerce channel is an extension of your sales team but it is not a replacement. So use digital channels to engage customers with business efficency. Provide your customers self service model, besides develops more value added customer relationships. An effective ecommerce portal helps your sales team from managing low volume customers and re-orders instead to acquire and retain higher margin value customers.

To drive business and marketing success in 2016, it is now time to concentrate on business to individual for greater customer engagement and overal growth achievement.

Disclaimer: This post originally extracted from Mark Levelle penning on Linked in.