Magento has been a great provider for SEO features for ecommerce websites. Magento loads with both basic and advanced SEO features that are easy to configure and update. Apart from Magento 1 SEO configuration, Magento 2 just released some enhancements.

1. Product Fields Auto Generation Template

The latest SEO enhancement was introduced by Product Fields Auto Generation Template. The option writes product meta tags associating with a predefined template and product attributes available from Stores > Configuration > Catalog.

2. Improved XML Sitemap

Significant changes have been seen in XML sitemap. You can now seperate priorities, frequencies for such pages as product, CMS, category and others. In addition, Magento 2 facilitates to add XML sitemap to a robust .txt file automatically. It's also possible to insert images and split items parameters between XML files. Found this feature from Store > Configuration > Catalog > XMl.

3. New Added Rich Snippets

Can be considered the biggest SEO innovation in Magento 2, they are rich snippets. Because this functionality is configured and ready to use by default, users do not have to do anything on it. The feature constructs markup data from your ecommerce website in Google index, improving SEO and call to actions.

4. Editable Robots.txt

Another visible functionality improved in Magento 2, the ability to modify the robots.txt file from admin panel. Go to Store > Configuration > General > Design > Search Engine Robots, you will find that.

5. Integration of is a collaborative community promoting schemas for structured data in internet. vocabularies are used with many various encodings covering entities, relationships and actions. Magento 2 adds by default. This improves the website ranking and its vocabulary marks the content with metadata about itself.

6. Image Labels

Magento users 2.0 can now put labels on product images to grab customer attention. Besides, assigning role of image is available with options: swatch image, base image, small image, thubnail image, etc.

7. Related products, upsells and cross sells.

The three types of product, upsells are more expensive & feature rich of the same product, cross sells display related or can be addtionally used with the actual product, related-products can be bought with the main product to optimize SEO for better.

8. Google analytics, ecommerce tracking and adwords conversion

One of major Magento 2 improvements is universal analytics organizing and collecting customer data to track their behavior. Its just easy to enable Google analytics in your store based on Magento 2. Moreover, you can find keywords to improve website conversion.

9. Google Tag Manager

Magento 2 Enterprise edition has Tag manager allowing users to create and update tags anytime they wish.

And many more

There are other improvements such as pagination optimization for the category points to itself, layer navigation --- URLs points to categories and also selected attributes are not added to meta tags. The more dominant feature is category page optimization remaining the same URL when users are filtering options on category pages.

SEO improvements in Magento 2 shall make your ecommerce website get higher search engine ranking.