Project management is a relationship. The more you communicate, the more successful your relationship will be and the better outcome. Talking expectation upfront will pay dividends at the end.

Every project start with rosy excitements. Everyone is earger and looks forward to success. Why do a half of projects fail? The key of forthright communication applies to both agencies and developers.

  • Do not presume

According to Gerge Bernard Shaw, the monstor problem in communication is the illusion of having taken place. We should learn from our communications early.

Every client or every developer has different approaches. If you think about expectations but you do not speak them out then missteps take along the way. Let's ask questions for assumption before concluding the approach

  • Make expectations clear

By stating what you are going to do and put that in a writing, you will come up with discovery. A project has at lease two phases: figure it out and do it! Start the conversation about expectation early on. Make it simple for everyone to understand. The agency's ultimate purpose is to manage client's expectations.

  • Discovery

The discovery is often overlooked by small agencies or single developers. Discovery helps everyone understand what to be done and what will come during the project. It's the best for developer or agency to practice accountable work. Some clients may need to be educated about Magento and default pieces.

  • Life cycle of a project

A project has a start and an end. It is not always perpetual. The process is ideally iterative to refresh the website and to optimize it at consumer's tastes and market dynamics. The process requires ongoing analysis and review of where have been made so the site does not run around at some point.

  • Changes

There is a myth called fixed bid. Every client wants a fixed bid to get results in the end. The problem lies in the fact that what you start up is never what you end up with. Who wants to be told in the mid of a process "you can't do that, we didn't plan it in advance". Changes will happen and can affect the budget and timeline. How to deal with changes dictates the success of your project.

  • Reports

Reporting tells everyone where you are and how is it going. In addition, reporting will align customer expectations each time the report sent out. It had better to report bi-weekly during production, sometimes daily in critical times, let everyone know what is happening.


  • Communication
  • Understanding desires correctly
  • Get it in writing
  • Tell clients changes
  • Be honest

Doing projects right is more crucial than making people happy. Having premature conversations is the key to any project success.