Companies placed strongest emphasis on digitization are most growing. In examining how middle market companies streamline process, maximize efficiency and sustain business growth; digitization plays important role on every business and rewrites the game's rules.  Being complacent or average to digitization leaves businesses behind. To keep up the pace, companies must move quickly to adopt next era technology tools. In return, business secures relevance and superior growth.

Studies show that 49 percent of middle firms grown 10 percent annually consider themselves more digitally advanced compared with 36 percent of surveyed firms. The business service and technology sectors include the greatest 50% digitally driven. On other side, the retail and whole sale industries occupy 35% of firms to go behind the middle companies.

Clearly illuminating companies identify digital best practices, avoids common pitfalls. Middle companies produce annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion.

  • Digitization remains focused on operations

At present, 44 percent of digitization goes toward operational activities such as resources management, back office functions and logistics. Meanwhile 19% of digitization spending for innovation and strategy development directing future growth.

42% of firms expect digitization changes on business analytics and strategy developments meanwhile 39% increase spending on technology innovation. Additionally, included 35% spending on business management, 30% back office funtions and 26% logistics

  • Expect increased spending in technology sector

Despite the greatest percentage of companies consider themselves digitally advanced, the busines service and technology sectors lead industries with 35% of firms increase spending in next year.

The health products and services industry tend to decrease future digitization at 12%. No other industry in the middle market having greater than 6% of companies to decrease spending in digitization over next 12 months.

  • Firms grade their efforts average on digitization

Despite overal optimizim in individual digitization projects, wholly firms grade themself at 2.8 on a scale of 1-4, about C-plus. Even companies stating they are digitizing rapidly, they give themselves an average GPA of 3.1, a B minus. Either they are tough graders or have a long way to get down the road.

Though individual projects are viewed as successful, the average grade stems from difficulties of individual accomplishments transitioning to gainful companies. Factors negatively affects company-wise projects are slower pace of large scale projects, a length of time to see payoffs and lack of inhouse talent on the digital front.